Tender, Raw and real...

your first hours with your baby.

In hospital newborn sessions are also known as "Fresh 48" sessions, as they are conducted with the first 2 days of your baby's arrival while you are still in the hospital. No amount of make-up or posing could make new mama's more beautiful in the glow of their new baby's arrival. Yes, you are exhausted, recovering from one of the greatest physical journey's of your life, but the love and tenderness within these sessions is palpable, and create some of my most favorite images. I often find myself in tears as I edit these sessions - the joy and love are just simply overwhelming.

When you go into labor, you'll let me know you are on your way to the hospital so that I can be at the ready within the coming days. When your little one is finally here, we'll arrange a time, usually around the 24 to 36 hour mark and at a time of day when your room is well lit, for me to come in and document your new family for 60-75 minutes. We'll use the natural elements of the hospital room, creating a documentary style collection of photographs for you to treasure for many years to come. Your images will be delivered via online gallery within 7-10 days of our session, and you will have the availability to download all of your high resolution images, as well as the opportunity to order prints from a professional quality lab right from the gallery.